Working in clay is different. /1/

Clay is dust and water, then, simultaneously, the whole world.
We are alchemists. We take a piece of the earth, add fire and other minerals and
transform it into art.
The process is simple but the concept complex.
There needs to be a consciousness of tradition, and knowledge of chemistry for making
ceramic art work.
Only at this point can the ceramic artist bend the rules and explore using the technology at

Working in clay is different. /2/

We have chosen ceramics, because its variability, complexity and mystery go with our
There are no irreversible decisions. It is possible to interfere in the work until the last
No other medium can be used both as material for utilitarian objects and artistic forms.
In ceramics sculpture connects with painting in a natural way expanding the range of
Minerals of many kinds have special properties that can be manipulated by us, and the
unexpectedness of their nature gives us an exciting sense of communication with unknown
We discover its smallest part every day.
It is our right.
As Artists. As artisans . As creative beings. As human beings

Working in clay is different. /3/

We looking for new forms, and different kinds attributes of clay and ceramic characteristics
for everybody of the group in different ways.
Someone of us started from postwar abstract art or certain types of raku ceramics, others
from traditional majolica and it's difficult to say this a group, because everybody is an
individualist in his way.
What is common is cultural contamination, experiment and exploration into the terra(cotta)
We express our feelings and ideas as contemporary artists and ceramists aware of the
liquid modernity of our times and the globalization of culture.
Therefore, we have no fear of communication, sensitivity and learning from others and we
are constantly trying make this a better ceramic world.

All working in clay is very different, creative ways.

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